Tale of Shields and Faeries

It started out as a DIY project then one shield became two, then three, and then enough for a small army. Of course, I was thrilled that my husband Ty Kinnison was doing something with all the wood in the shed. However, they were taking over the house. We shared photos of his first series on Facebook, and it was suggested to try Etsy to sell them. 

 Next someone asked about the little fairies I created for Christmas gifts, so I started making sprites, which lead to dragons, to mermaids and now there are different types of magical creatures. We love creating new and unique items.

 Ty now makes Byzantine jewelry, drinking horns, and enjoys making custom shields. My little magical creatures have expanded to polymer clay sculpted dolls, pins, and necklaces.

 You can find us online or at craft shows, festivals, and Renaissance Fairie. Like and follow our adventures on Facebook where we keep you up to date with where we will be and what new things are in the works.

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