The weather report said a slight chance of rain yet here you are at your first craft show and it’s raining. 

After a year of Craft shows and a few Renaissance shows two biggest things I’ve learned is this.

  1. Never trust the weather report    pack for rain, wind, and whatever else mother nature can throw at you. Yes, that’s right if you’re doing a show outside realize if it's supposed to be warm chances are it could be cold, rainy, and let’s throw wind in there too. You’re outside be prepared! Toss in the car a raincoat, tarps, sweater, and shorts. Hey, it’s Louisiana it can start out cold then change through the day becoming hot so be prepared!  Taking the advice of other vendors we also have tarps if we need to cover the tables too. Sounds like an overkill right. Wrong! Thunderstorms pop up in the summer and if your product can’t handle being wet you need to either be able to pack quickly or cover everything. So many times we thought we don’t need the sides up yet halfway through the day we find ourselves attaching the walls due to the wind or rain. With my product being so lightweight a breeze will send my fairies flattering across the parking lot to the amusement of onlookers with me scudding right after them. Trust me after the third or fourth time it’s not amusing.  

 2. Weights Never forget them   Most Craft Shows you are in parking lots or paved areas so you need some type of weight. Don’t just bring two weights it’s just wiser to pack weights for all four corners of your booth. If you visit Pinterest you can find clever ways to weight your tent down or visit the event page ask vendors.  Remember a gentle breeze can become a gust of wind that will take your tent to the other side of the parking lot or worst ball the tent up where it can’t be used again. After you invest money in a good tent you don’t want to lose it. As the example above goes we’ve also had times were Ty has basically become the weight since we left two of our weights at home. It wasn't supposed to be windy those days and every time we have regretted not to remember to pack all four weights. Though he does look good with the wind in hair, muscles flexed, and decidedly rogueish look as he holds the tent in place. 

Below are 20 things needed for a craft show.

  1. Tent
  2. Weights
  3. Walls
  4. Tables
  5. Table covers
  6. Cashbox
  7. Way to take credit cards
  8. chair
  9. Zip ties/ duct tape
  10. Extension cord
  11. Scissors
  12. lights/fan
  13. String
  14. Pens 
  15. Paper towels
  16. trash bags
  17. clamps/ clothe pins
  18. drinks/snacks
  19. Brick charger (way to charge devices)
  20. Portable power (small battery powered generator)